Ethiopian Textured 100% Virgin Hair!!

Finally.... A hair extension FROM us FOR us!

After years of research, we finally bring to you textured hair that truly represents and mimics the natural curl patterns of the African Woman.

From Curly to Kinky, Runway Curls celebrates and encourages all woman to first embrace their own Kinks and then their Runway Curls, creating the perfect harmony for blended natural textures.

Runway Curls promotes healthy styles that are friendly to the texture of our hair. NO MORE straight brazilian or Malasian Hair that forces you to straighten or heat process your hair to match the extensions. Now you can KEEP YOUR HAIR HEALTHY and free from heat by using a hair that looks and acts just like ours!

One head at a time, one stylist at a time, one business at a timeā€¦ we will have the whole world embracing their Runway Curls.

Let's Make it Happen The #GetAddictedWay